Spiders of California – eBook



This book introduces you to over 100 of the most common California spiders in a simple, non-scientific language. The structured identification section will help you identify the species based on appearance, web type, eye pattern and behavior. The informational section contains useful information about potentially dangerous spiders, how to keep them out of your home, how to deal with bites and much more. Check out the free reading sample here.



The most comprehensive and concise identification guide for spiders found in California, written in an understandable, non-scientific language.

Identify common California spiders easily with the convenient identification guides and tables – no previous spider knowledge necessary.

Detailed illustrations, descriptions and photographs will introduce you to the few potentially dangerous California spiders as well as to over 100 of the most common species.

In addition to the identification guides, you will learn how to keep spiders out of your home, how to move spiders safely, how to deal with arachnophobia, as well as interesting facts about spiders, the anatomy of spiders and their scientific classification.

Through the website USAspiders.com, the author has shared his deep knowledge and understanding of spiders in the United States for years. This book is right for anyone who wants to learn about potentially dangerous spiders in California, the most common non-dangerous spiders as well as tips and knowledge how to deal with spiders at home and how to lose the fear of them.

Spiders of California – eBook


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