The site USAspiders.com was originally founded by K.J.Ester from Michigan.

How did K.J.Ester get into Spiders?

He has always been intrigued by them. As a child, he used to toss ants in their webs just to see them come out of hiding. A friend and him used to capture spiders and put them in a big jar. Then one night, he had a nightmare where he was being covered by spiders from head to toe. From that night on, he had a small fear of them.

In 2009, his wife and him were watching TV when movement caught his eye. A large spider was running across the floor. It was a spider he did not recognize ever seeing before, so he caught it and started looking it up on the internet. Two hours later, he finally found the spider and rather than being glad he found the answer, he was frustrated at how difficult the task of learning what it was had been.

The thing that irritated him the most was that there was no site he could go to that told me what spiders we had in Michigan. Right then, he was going to put it to use. He created the site USAspiders.com and every time he found a new spider, Ihe listed it on the blog. A year later, he got his first email from someone with a picture of a spider attached, asking him if he knew what kind of spider it was. So he began looking it up until he found it and answered the email. One email turned into two and then three and as time went on, he was getting several emails every day.

What about K.J.Ester, the Author?

After God, spiders are where his heart is at. K.J Ester love writing. Whether he is writing a novel, writing an article for a website, or posting things on Facebook, he just loves to write.

To learn more of K.J.Ester’s personal life, or his books, visit his author page: https://kjesterauthor.weebly.com/

About USAspiders.com

USA Spiders is free. We will never charge anything for our services in helping to ID a spider, sharing our knowledge or whatever help we can offer to you. However, we can use help in several ways:

  • Help Finding Spiders
  • Spread the name of USA Spiders
  • Email Quality Pictures

Help Finding Spiders

There is so much work to do to fill this site. There are so many spider species throughout the USA that I haven’t covered on this site yet. I need people from other states to send me pictures of the spiders. They dont have to be great quality. Just good enough to see the colors and patterns. Whatever state you may live in, if you can send me pictures of spiders, it would be appreciated.

Here you can read more about how to describe a spider and how to take the ideal picture so we can identify the spider for you.

Spread the Name of USA Spiders

As mentioned above, I need pictures from all states. If you can spread the news of USA Spiders on facebook, twitter and other media sources, so people from other states will learn of USAspiders.com, it would help me receive more pics of spiders from other states. This would also help my site be found in search engines and that will help it be found by those in other states as well.

Email Quality Spiders

Along with needing pictures for this site, what I also need is more quality pics. Pictures that show great detail up close of each kind of spider. If you have a good camera and are not afraid of spiders, please email me any high quality pics you can take. I cannot make any promises I will use the pics you send, or when I will get them on if I do use them. I cannot offer any payment in return. All I can promise is to add your name as the photographer and the location of where you found the spider.

Our email address is usaspiders@gmail.com

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