Spider Anatomy

Spider Anatomy

The specific terms used on this site may sometimes seem a little confusing if you are new to spiders. This page gives a quick overview of the spider anatomy and the most common terms.

Spider Anatomy Overview

The following image shows the different body parts of a spider and what they are called:

Spider Anatomy
Spider Anatomy

3 thoughts on “Spider Anatomy

  1. This guy/girl was on the screen of my tent in the backyard.(Vermont) It’s about the size of a half dollar With stripes (black/gray) on every leg and the abdomen is cream colored with dots or indentations that looks like a face. Creepy interesting!

  2. I found this dude amongst some damp paving stones Inside an outside dog kennel With a concrete floor. He had a buddy with him that I suspect was a wolf spider. This was in Indianapolis Indiana. I have never seen one like this before.

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for sharing this find. It looks more like the exoskeleton of a dark fishing spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus)

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