Unidentified Spiders

31 thoughts on “Unidentified Spiders

  1. I’m sure this guy is nothing special, but I can’t seem to figure out what he is! Sorry for the bad picture, he’s extremely little and hard to photograph.

    Waukesha, WI

  2. It’s January in northern WI near the UP of Michigan and found this one on the outside of the house.

    1. Hi Jeff, unfortunately, I can’t make out the details of the spider due to the image resolution. It’s definitely not a medically significant spider and it is a male.

  3. Found this in my bedroom. The two seconds front legs are longer than the rest, and it has a pattern on the back. Really small

  4. Anchorage, Alaska. Spider found in home. Very fast spider. Tiny body LONG legs. Large mandables, whitish gray, banded grayish and black legs.

    My sister sent this to me and we are trying to identify. Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t say what type of spider this is. It’s definitely not a brown recluse or any medically significant spider.

  5. It’s in my backyard just below the overhang of my house. I’ve seen it have a few June bugs in its web. They weren’t moving by the time I see then and it looked like it was wrapping then up in is webbing. The webbing didn’t look uniform.

    The first couple of times it’s web was maybe 2 to 3 feet off the ground. 3rd time it was 6 feet off the ground.

  6. Spider is on a tangled web in the corner of the garage ceiling in Arlington, TX. It’s small with long thin legs and a bulbous abdomen, with white markings on the underside.

  7. This spider was under refrigerator, it was very large, if you can ascertain the size of the hardwood floor, i noticed the spider had little balls on end of legs. I have not been able to identify, please help!
    Thank you!

  8. Please identify! I’m afraid this is a brown recluse. I sat over it for around 10 minutes while I went number two.

    1. Hi Chirye, unfortunately, the image is too dark and I can’t make a definite identification. You location in the US might help narrow down what type of spider it is.

  9. Found this spider on our porch, it’s about 2.5 inches long, 5 yrs ago, we found an exact spider that was as large as a palm of a hand. It jumped and ran down our porch….

    We live in Kokomo, Indiana

  10. Please help me identify this little guy.
    My coworker and I spotted it among the bushes in the front of our workplace. We are located in Southern California. They want to kill it but I want to find out if it is dangerous or not so I can try to convince them not to.

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