Unidentified Spiders

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  1. Hello Brian, thanks for reaching out. From this angle, it is hard to tell what spider this is. Do you also have a shot from a different angle?

  2. Small: less than dime sized. Saw one in garage but this one was on back patio concrete: he was kind enough to hold still for a pic 😂

    1. Hello Dawn, thanks for getting in touch! Can you please tell me in what U.S. State you found this spider? That will help with the ID. Thanks!

  3. Found this tiny guy in my bath tub here in upstate South Carolina. Incredibly tiny and fast. Abdomen was a metallic purple color.

  4. Hi all, I’m in upstate New York (just outside Albany) and we’ve had this spider (we named him Tony) living in between the grass panes of our double-walled windows for about two months. He’s thriving in there and my toddler enjoys checking on him daily. Anyway, just curious what he might be. The quiz didn’t work for him. We think maybe a grass spider?

  5. Spotted running across concrete slab and it appeared to stop and hop. Aug. 12 2021 in Terry, Hinds County, MS. Cat was playing with it. It ended up flipped over and unmoving. I thought it was dead. I put dry cat food next to it for size perspective in picture. The front legs appear to be black. Later I went outside and it was gone. My first impression as it was running was grayish brown mini tarantula as it looked huge.

  6. Tiny, closest I could get w/o spider fleeing. Looks like a (black) Wolf, however there appears to be white markings. Fuzzy.
    In the kitchen window of my home in Sarasota, Florida, 26 August 2021. Cloudy 84*

    1. Hello Dee, thanks for getting in touch! This spider is some kind of ground spider (family Gnaphosidae). They are not medically significant. A large number of gnaphosids can have a similar appearance, so an exact identification is tough.

  7. Hi Rex, thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, there is no image attached to your post. You can retry by answering to this post or you can email us at [email protected] so we can identiy your spider.

  8. Found this .other *@!% er in Our closet. And many more like him in the past weeks terrified is not even close to how we have been feeling in our home lately. The wind blows my hair and I’m a mess it feels like I’m being crawled on.

    1. Hello Jennifer, thanks for your message 🙂 I can’t really make out any details on the photo but I guess that this might be a cobweb spider (genus Steatoda). Possibly, it could also be a wolf spider. A better picture would help with the identification. It’s definitely not a medically significant spider.

  9. This spider came out from under washer/dryer around 2am this morning, as I was sweeping prior to mopping.
    I am along the border of Montgomery and Magnolia Texas, about 15 miles SW of Conroe/Lake Conroe.
    When I saw this spider, I happened to have a quart spray bottle filled with warm water and a few drops of dishwasher detergent. Once it was sprayed, I left the area to prepare other areas for mopping. Before I moped the laundry room, I took 3 pictures, then threw the car us out the back door. The pictures all show a dead critter. I believe that the colors looked different, the legs too, while it was alive. Only saw it alive for less than 10 seconds, and I didn’t have my glasses on so, …
    Thank you

    1. Hello James, I’m sorry but I am unable to identify the spider off this picture. It could be a number of species but it is definitely not a medically significant spider.

    1. Hello Jaimie, this is most likely some type of orbweaver. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell mor than that from this picture. It’s not medically significant.

  10. Saw this outside my front door in Morristown Vermont. I have never seen any around the house before and am trying to identify it.

  11. Found this spider in my bathroom making a web from the ceiling light….held me hostage for an hour 🤣🤣 got a couple good pics of it any help identifying would be great!

    1. Hello Morgan, thanks for getting in touch! This is a male orbweaver spider – it’s definitely not medically significant and nothing to worry about. I am not 100 % sure whether it is in the genus Araneus or Neoscona.

  12. This spider was inside my grandson’s muck boot this morning. We live in Motley, MN (central Minnesota). It was quite large and scary looking. What kind is it? We live in the country, on the river.

    1. Hello Sue, thanks for getting in touch! It’s hard to make out any details on the image. The body posture suggests that this is most likely a male orbweaver. It’s definitely not a medically significant spider.

  13. In Brookshire Texas in a greenhouse I saw this spider. It was the biggest spider I have ever seen that might be a native, other than a tarantula.

    1. Hi Lyssa, thanks for getting in touch! I can see the spider on the image but unfortunately, it’s not possible to make out any details of the spider. Given the size, color and appearance, this is most likely a wolf spider: https://usaspiders.com/lycosidae-wolf-spider/
      Fishing spiders and huntsman spiders can also reach a similar size, but they have longer, thinner legs than wolf spiders.

  14. Found this large 1-2” spider on sidewalk at night in Phoenix Az. Almost seemed translucent. Thought it was a scorpion at first but no tail.

    1. Hello Mike, thanks for getting in touch! Is the black and brown/orange color a reflection of the photograph, or did the spider actually look like that?

    1. Hello Raff, thanks for getting in touch! This is definitely a jumping spider (Salticidae). Due to the number and variety of jumping spider species, an ID on a species level is hard. Could you please share your location to help with the identification?

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