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  1. Found in Wilton CA, which is slightly south of Sacramento CA. I have seen several of these spiders lately. Outside, at night. They appear to have eight legs and two very, very long “arms” that are held out straight in front of them as they move along.

  2. The legs resemble one of them cellar spider we find in bathroom and corners of house but this guys head and fangs are way bigger and the body is completely different. Head to body maybe a little over three quarter inch. Never seen one before.

  3. Smaller than a dime. Not an egg sack. No markings on legs. June 10, 2022. Wasilla Alaska

  4. Smaller spider with a unique head shape. The body and legs are an almost copperish green color. Unique looking spider found in Virginia. (South Western portion of the state to be exact)

    1. Hi Raleigh, thanks for sharing this great shot! This is a female lynx spider of the genus Oxyopes. Most likely a western lynx spider (Oxyopes scalaris). This spider is not considered medically significant. A bite (which rarely happens) can lead to symptoms comparable to a bee sting.
      If you are interested in learning more about spiders in California, check out our California spider identification and information book – available as an ebook here or as a printed paperback on Amazon.

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